Hope Springs

IMG_0328When a child is born, “time” in a family begins anew.

There is before baby, and after baby.

The world stops as you stare at this beautiful creature, fresh from heaven.

She is cute, but cagey.

“Tell us – what is it like? Is God really good, all the time?”

She purses her lips, coyly.

She is tired from the journey. And hungry.

The NICU at Women & Infants in Providence, RI is full of arrivals – 51 according to the nurse, and judging by the eclectic stream of parents and visitors they come from every corner of heaven. They are all miracles.

We press in for a closer look.

Mother and father are exhausted, but joyous. “Would you like to hold her?” they ask.

Soon we are holding heaven. She disappears in our arms, small but powerful.

We imagine her future, and ours.

We quickly decide to become her favorite, and promise to keep that “between us.”

There is no dissension, only expectation.

The future is unknown, but glorious.

Hope springs eternal.

And Grace happens.


IMG_0362After five days in the NICU Grace Anne Pfunder is safely home with mom and dad.                                                   Our first grandchild, she sleeps like an angel.



  1. You are telling it true, T. Your joy as a brand new grandparent is contagious! Thank you for posting this.


  2. Melissa Jacobsen · · Reply

    T, Congrats on this wonderful blessing from above! You had mentioned a few times your excitement at becoming a grandfather. So happy for you and your family that this miracle has occurred. Enjoy her! She is a beauty.


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