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What value is there in a pilgrimage to an allegedly “holy” place? And what makes it holy, exactly? If God is everywhere, can he really be found in higher doses in one place vs. another? In Europe the notion of pilgrimage is hard-wired into the culture, and one of the most popular destinations is Lourdes, […]

A Life That Is

Whenever I’m feeling sorry for myself or irritated with the world, I think of Father Waseem. He’s a Catholic priest in Pakistan who might be the happiest person I know. Recently I caught up with him in Rome where he was taking his first vacation in years. It was a brief respite from a life […]

Hope Springs

When a child is born, “time” in a family begins anew. There is before baby, and after baby. The world stops as you stare at this beautiful creature, fresh from heaven. She is cute, but cagey. “Tell us – what is it like? Is God really good, all the time?” She purses her lips, coyly. […]

Tomorrow Sex Will be Good Again

I’m finding that once you get past the small stuff, what people really want to talk about are their relationships. The single are anxious to find that right person, and fall in love. The married are anxious to stay in love. And everybody is anxious about the future. There is a distinct uneasiness with the […]

The School of Love

After 30 years of marriage and raising three children, you would think I know what love is. But last week I had the pleasure of being tutored by a group of twenty-somethings – that alleged “lost generation” of spoiled, tech-obsessed, everybody-gets-a-trophy Millennials – in the barrios of Guayaquil, Ecuador. I almost didn’t make the trip. […]